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Mela dell’Eden

Captivating Symphony of Flavors: Apple-shaped, white chocolate mousse with raspberry heart.

Experience our masterpiece: a visually captivating apple-shaped delight, housing white chocolate mousse infused with fresh raspberry tang. Revel in the velvety white chocolate meeting the vibrant raspberry heart. Each bite is a harmony of textures, from the crisp shell to the burst of raspberry. Perfect for occasions or pure indulgence, Mela dell’Eden enchants the senses. Treat yourself and loved ones to this magical dessert.

Green Pistachio

Introducing our ‘Green Pistachio’ Dessert – a Taste of Bliss!

Delight in layers of flavor as you savor our ‘Green Pistachio’ dessert. Indulge in the creamy delight of pistachio mousse, layered atop delicate puff pastry enriched with pistachio praline. A finale of white chocolate and nuts glaze brings an irresistible touch. With each bite, textures and tastes harmonize, creating a melody of pleasure that lingers. Elevate your dessert experience and let your taste buds revel in this exquisite masterpiece.

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